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Knowledge Lines: "It's not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change." - Miles Davis
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Current Status:

The #Newness: The Quest Continues/Cooler Side

It's been a while eh? I hope you all are well. I've spent the last couple months on this newness here, trying to make a legit video. There is still room for improvement though. A different sound, however, still leaving the groove intact. This has definitely been a journey indeed.

As you travel on your life journey, be sure to fly on the cooler side.
With Respect. Stay Cool.

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Promo Bulletinz:

Upcoming Events: 8/3/14

Aug. 16th: "City Vibes" - Chattanooga TN
Aug. 23th: "Beatwave Fest" - Cleveland TN

Updated: 8/6/14

[CDs] Skylines Physical CD now available: Cop it Here
[Video/Audio] ATL-Based TV Show: My Fame 15 - Worked with Mark Squared studios to supply some of the grooves: Check them Out
[Audio] Tokyo Dawn Records: The Boogie 4 - Portformat "Bitter Sweet" remix featured in compilation from TDR: Take a Listen
[Audio] Single "Another Day" now a Free Download: Listen Via Soundcloud - Download
[Video] Kite showcase via Yakfilms featuring the song "The R.E.M." from Dreamstates and Area Codes: Kite showcase on Yakfilms

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Latest and Promoted Media:

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