The Works of Tryezz: Music & Artistry for the Mind, Body, and Beyond
The Works of Tryezz:
Music & Artistry for the Mind, Body, and Beyond
The Works of Tryezz:
Music & Artistry for the Mind, Body, and Beyond

Wisdom Lines: If you've ever had somebody tell you that you're wasting your time with your #passion...just smile and say *time will tell*.

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Ty Brown says...

I see you use a PC and not Mac. What is your opinion in the use of either one. Being a Professional DJ, I find the PC easier to use...Just wondering, great jams as always Tryezz, hopefully we can jam sometime, I'm also a drummer..... (smiles)

Tryezz says...

Yoo wuttup Ty,

Yeah I prefer PC to Mac as well. For me personally, it gives me more creative freedom to do what I want to do. That's not a knock to those that prefer Macs though. The programs I use allow me to seamlessly do live sets. And actually, the new video posted, "Onward and Upward", was all a live take recorded in audacity. Big thanks for tuning in. I'm sure a jam session will happen if it's meant to happen. Bless up always. Stay cool.

Ad Wells says...

Wuts up bro lol I discovered you and your crazy sound around 2013 and ever since then I've always peeped when you uploaded . I'm a big fan yo , you're a big inspiration ... Your music stays in rotation at the cribo . Long story short Im an artist as well and I made a couple songs to some of your instrumentals on YouTube . I hope you don't mind .... I didn't upload anything , just wanted to share it with you . Just let me know bro , much love . AD

Bobby Dozier says...

Just heard a few of your tracks recently, really nice stuff my good man! Keep doing what you're doing! I'm trying to spread the word of all the artists making Future Funk/Modern Funk tunes. If you know of anybody who is also a fan of this genre, please ask them to join my Facebook group!

Rick says...

I was looking up on Youtube for a cool remix of the FF7 victory theme when I first found out about you back in 2010. From there, took me to your site to listen to some of your other works and been following you ever since. You're one of the best artists on this planet dude, and definitely one of my favorites. Keep up the excellent work and wish you all the best in your future deeds.

SAurA says...
Hello there. I am new to your music, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. Please continue to make great music,and I wish you well in your career. God Bless
Tryezz says...
Huge thanks for tuning in and taking a listen. I appreciate the words. God bless and have a great weekend. Stay cool.
Optimus Funk says...
Looking forward to the newness! Let me know when I can order your next CD, and keep up the great work!
Tryezz says...
Indeed homie. Will do. Many thanks for dropping a line.
Tryezz says...

Don't hesitate to leave a comment. Be blessed. Stay cool.

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