All-Original Music & Artistry Created by Tryezz
The Works of Tryezz
All-Original Music & Artistry for the Mind, Body, and Beyond
All-Original Music & Artistry Created by Tryezz
The Works of Tryezz
Music & Artistry for the Mind, Body, and Beyond
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Monthly Support: $5
If you're here, you've most likely seen me playing live on video or in person, and/or heard one of my grooves. I want to say, first off, huge thanks for the consideration. All support helps build leverage to create new content and reach new viewers/listeners. Everything goes securely through Paypal (**no info. is stored on this site**). And you can cancel. No pressure. And, of course, if you have any questions/comments feel free to drop a line.

What Monthly Supporters Get:

Supporters will get monthly e-mails containing full lossless quality FLAC audio downloads of all live music video content created for each month as well as periodic supporter exclusive content (unreleased tracks, discounts and supporter only merch, etc.).

Other Ways to Support:

Tip Jar: One Time Donation
You can also do a one-time donation securely via Paypal at whatever amount you'd like. Once again, large or small, it all goes a long way. And if you really wanted to, you can also set up a monthly donation this way as well (and you'd also get the free monthly downloads as well). Either way, it's always much appreciated.
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Stream or purchase on all music platforms including Spotify and Tidal. And of course, you can also purchase lossless quality music at the music store.
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If you're into cryptocurrency, you can donate using Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can also follow on Steemit and D.Tube. If you use the Brave Browser, you can easily send a Basic Attention Token (BAT) tip as this site, as well as Twitter and Youtube Channel, are Brave creator verified.
Donate Bitcoin BTC Address: 3MHRzQnkdLpb5EQ4y1toihzaH2kXryS3vz
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Share the Music & Artistry:
Another way to help support the movement is to share the grooves via social media, with friends, family, etc. Whatever works for you and what you're cool with doing. This is also helpful and it goes a long way.

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