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Live Performances: Live and in Full Effect

Do you need some all-original grooves at your next event? Are you looking to set the mood with high-quality live music? Don't hesitate to drop a line. With over a decade of experience, I have played at variety of different events ranging from local and regional restaurants to large scale showcases, festivals and dance events.

Commissions and Music Licensing: Film & Media

Do you need some all-original grooves for your next film or media project? I have a large and growing collection of self-released albums and unreleased grooves from the archives to choose from. And this ever growing collection of grooves span well over a decade. With great gratitude, my works have been featured in a large variety of media including Gary Vee's daily Vlog, Finnish TV show Magnus Ja Petski, multiple features on Yak Films, WeFunk Radio, and even scored the music for the "Dancing Trees" section of Rock City's big seasonal attraction, "Garden of Lights".

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